Become The Maverick

What will you make of yourself?

Rank & Achievement

Titles and Sprays

Every achievement shouted and every challenge rewarded, we believe in bringing clear visibility and recognition to your achievements. With our title system and our sprayable icons, all your courageous achievements and accolades will be visible for all see.


Recognised and rewarded. As you grow, develop and achieve we'll ensure you deserve the credit and recognition you're due. Visualised through our coloured and stylised armbands you're rank and position in competitive leagues will be cleared represented for all to see and respect.


As you progress through Mavericks you'll unlock a plethora of items and equipment to weild and wear both inside and outside the competitive battle royale sport "The Proving Grounds".

Clan & Reputation

Share your experiences, from your awkward failures to epic successes, every clutch moment and regret with others. Your lobby is your game, rather than load into a menu, in Mavericks you'll enter our bustling social hub.

Meet, greet, socialise and build a network of allies or enemies in the street and shops of the capital.

Engage in novel minigames, spam dancing emotes, shoot em up in the shooting range and test your equipment or browse the shops and try and get a bargain between your games.


Free Trade Economy

Earn our in-game currency 'x' through play, in either gamemode to buy, sell or trade the huge catalogue of ingame items with other players or NPC's in our bustling social hub.

We're passionate about protecting and separating our in-game economy and achievements from real life money and spending. So your in-game achievements cannot brought, shortcutted or undermined.

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