Redefining Battle Royale

In 2018 Mavericks will redefine Battle Royale with a gameworld of unparalleled fidelity, epic scale, comprehensive destruction, rich tracking information, reactive wildlife, dynamic weather and day time cycles and ultimately accessibility.


Set within Mavericks' high-fidelity map, the Proving Grounds provides players with an unprecedented immersive experience. Delving into the strategically hand-crafted areas one can expect an intuitive and thrilling gameflow. Whether you're scaling a great mountain in the highlands, tiptoeing around the rocky coastlines, or hunting amongst the lushious fields of farmland.


Grow, adapt and progress for better or for worse, as you navigate and engage in our immersive and competitive Proving Grounds. Grow through the acquisition of powerful hardware, armour, weapons and consumables. Adapt as you extract information from the gameworld, informing you of approaching dangers or opportunities, angles of exposure or positions of great power. Progress and develop a winning strategy to dominate the Proving Grounds.


Having tracked an unsuspecting victim, you have the option of rigging the nearby environment with traps, utilise throwables such as a molotov to aid an assault by displacing enemies, or decimate destructible cover creating powerful lines of sight to deliver that perfect headshot.

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