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The Isle of Dern

As far as the eye can see.


The Isle of Dern is made up from various regions that bring colour and variation to our gameworld of epic proportions. Explore and master each region, discover their secrets, inhabitants and opportunities, for better or for worse.

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Feature Locations

Notable locations across the Isle of Dern.

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Dynamic Elements

There is a variety of dynamic environment effects in Mavericks, which are:


Dynamic reactive wildlife roam the gameworld, eager to avoid combat and disturbance they will flee from danger, acting as a intuitive clue and providing players with valuable information as to enemies nearby.


Other players and wildlife will displace and flatten foliage, leave deep muddy footprints in wet soil or mud, and even print sutble dusty marks in houses as they explore the gameplay. Use this to your advantage and be on the lookout! However, you too will leave your marks on the world so be careful who might be following you. As you persist in the Proving Grounds, your actions have consequences. Taking excessive damage will cause you to leave a subtle blood trail for a brief period of time, this can be cut short by the use of a healing item such as a bandage. However, upon consuming the Bandage the player will leave a Bandage Packet on the floor, leaving clues and telling a story to the other inhabitants of the gameworld.

Comprehensive Destruction

At the core of Mavericks lies...?


A gameworld that feels truly alive and dynamic, as the sun sets, low attitude fog rolls into a twilight night illuminated by a full moon, and everything changes. If muzzles flashes were compromising in daylight, they certain are now, prepare by sourcing a Flash-Hider attachment, but comprise on the absence of other muzzle attachments.


Achieved with a fully realtime lighting system and a comprehensive Time-of-Day Weather system, we can bring more exciting variety and opportunity to the gameplay of Mavericks than ever before.

Mission Statements

Empowering World

Scaling gigantic mountains to rocky ravines, tracking players through dense gorse bush, or avoiding a roaming deer, we're committed to building the most empowering and realistic gameworld possible.


Our team's passion lies in crafting breathtaking scenery, whether its a luxurious sunset over a dandelion meadow or a rather dusty abandoned lumberyard.

Groundbreaking Scale

Pushing the boundaries of next-generation technology and feasible gameworlds, Mavericks is bringing you a gameworld of truly epic proportions.

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