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Since 2015 we’ve been working on the groundwork for a new generation of massively multiplayer online experiences. We’ve recently shared some details of our first MMO, Mavericks Proving Grounds,  due for launch in 2018, and look forward to our full announcement in the coming months.

We’ve recently announced a few details of our upcoming tactical shooter Mavericks Proving Grounds : an MMO of unprecedented scale, supporting 1000 concurrent players in an ultra-high fidelity world instance. It is set in a huge, photoreal and highly dynamic environment, with strong character progression, social hubs, intelligent mission systems and global-scale player-driven narrative. More details to follow In a few days !

We has announced that it has scored $10M in funding to bring a “Mavericks Proving Grounds” to the world. The new game is using Improbable’s SpatialOS technology and the CryEngine to bring at Mavericks Proving Grounds. The multiplayer survival combat MMO will feature a “last man standing” PvP mode that will see up to 400 players taking part.

Other features of Mavericks proving grounds include :

  • 1,000 concurrent players in a shared world
  • 12km x 12km explorable maps with dynamic environmental effects
  • character progression, social hubs, and a “global-scale player-driven narrative”
  • “Unprecedented world simulation and effects, including environmental destruction, roaming wildlife, dynamic weather, foliage displacement, tracks, blood trails, fire and water effects, fully immersing players into the experience of being the hunter – or the hunted.”

Using SpatialOS, development and operation of Mavericks proving grounds takes place in the “cloud” allowing the team “to exceed the power of a single game engine or server”.

We’ve spent the last two years building the technology for a next-generation massively multiplayer online game that requires an entirely new approach to game design and development, Mavericks proving grounds delivers an unprecedented fidelity and scale of world simulation, and complex interactions between authored and player-driven content.
I’m hugely excited that our next step is deploying this $10m investment to bring the game to launch in 2018. SpatialOS was an extremely natural fit for the platform on which to build our world simulation, since its paradigm fits squarely with the approaches we have taken to design a huge, dynamic virtual world, and we’re extremely excited to showcase what we’ve been able to achieve together in the coming year.

James Thompson, CEO of Automaton

Portability on console

The studio Automaton confirms with a tweet also working on a console version of its title Mavericks Proving Grounds on xBox and PS4.